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Chemical SolutionsChemical Management Solutions (CMS) is an independent business and technical consulting company that focuses on helping clients profitably practice the business of chemistry.

The science of chemistry and its practical application continuously gets more sophisticated and the world of business continuously gets more demanding, trends challenging all chemical companies. Often, a fresh and experienced outside perspective can help.

CMS offers experience and expertise to help you overcome your challenges with practical, hands-on advice.





CMS brings real world, hands-on chemical industry experience to help with your business and technical challenges.  Areas of expertise include:


  • Small to mid-sized chemical company management
  • Strategic planning, organization and review of the technical, operational and marketing areas of the growing chemical company
  • Periodic ChartUnderstanding and profitably meeting customer needs. Collaborating with customers on the development of new products.  Leading an organization to a service level that was awarded by large pharma customers.
  • Growth and expansion strategies – extensive experience with scale-up and operation of continuous flow and batch technologies and growing a business while minimizing disruptions to the existing business
  • New product commercialization
  • High-level business review and guidance
  • Review of manufacturing processes for improvements and/or better technologies
  • Handling hazardous substances – plant design, operations, safety programs and oversight. Extensive experience with hydrogen fluoride, phosgene, low and no warning property organics, acids and bases.
  • Chemical ProfitabilityPractical and appropriate GMP strategies for API manufacture
  • Contract strategy and negotiation – getting to “win – win”
  • Cost control of projects and operations
  • Technical and business troubleshooting and simplification – extensive experience at all levels
  • Fine chemical and API development – evaluation and decision making at each stage of the R&D process; process development; commercialization
  • Surviving and prospering in difficult financial climates




CMS offers flexible arrangements to accommodate each client’s unique situation.  Consultation can be on an hourly, project or long-term basis and can be on-site, by phone and/or by e-mail.  Potential types of consultation include:


  • Advising and assisting senior management
  • Overcoming manufacturing and commercial challenges
  • Assisting chemical and chemical-related startup companies
  • successFinding or developing and evaluating new technologies
  • Reviewing process designs and costs
  • Guiding commercial development
  • Developing supply agreements
  • Guiding GMP strategies
  • Assisting with continuous flow processes for API and fine chemical manufacturing
  • Safely handling hazardous chemicals
  • Coaching and training key employees
  • Improving customer relations
  • Manufacturing cost control


About CMS

Peter MurinCMS was founded and is led by Peter Murin, who has over 35 years of diverse experience in the chemical industry, including 20 years successfully growing and leading a specialty chemical and API manufacturer as CEO and COO.

Murin led commercial development at a mid-sized specialty chemical and API manufacturer prior to leading all aspects of the company for 20 years as COO and then CEO. Under Murin’s leadership, the company grew and successfully met many business and technical challenges. He identified and directed the development of a number of new products (chemicals and APIs), significantly adding to the top and bottom lines. Murin steered the company to award-winning customer service, through the competitive threat posed by chemicals imported from China and through the 2008 financial crisis, breaking even without cutbacks that would have compromised future growth.

Throughout his career, Murin has been solving tough problems through expert knowledge, vision, creativity and tenacity. Looking beyond obvious answers, he has led the way to innovative solutions, whether expanding business and/or saving money and time on initiatives and projects.

Earlier in his career as a chemical engineer, Murin made vital contributions to his employers. As examples, there was the simple but not obvious insight that prevented a troubled plant air system from freezing and shutting down the entire plant on freezing nights until the root cause could be diagnosed. He did field experiments that successfully demonstrated his idea to mitigate an environmental problem that would have blocked the sale of a plant. A full-scale system was built, the plant was sold and Murin received special recognition for his contribution.

As a production manager, Murin oversaw the successful startup of many complex processes using hazardous chemicals in a new facility. He hired much of the staff, including engineers he mentored and who later assumed leadership roles at the facility.

Please Contact CMS to apply this experience and expertise to your toughest challenges.